"Everyone needs to have a piece by Victoria Cunningham in their jewelry box.  Her case is our "go to for gifts"!  Victoria necklaces are great for layering and look good with any style.  We are in love with her stacking rings…  They are the perfect engagement rings."
Jodi Auxier, Newtwist

"Victoria’s collection is the NEWTW!ST go-to for classic, effortlessly feminine jewelry that compliments every woman. Each piece has a timeless charm and is strong enough to wear on its own but will also layer beautifully with other pieces from your jewelry box. Victoria is an artist who is as lovely and sweet as her jewelry and her character shines through in her work, touching  the heart of each lucky owner. We are honored to carry her work."
Andrea L. Cowan, Newtwist

"I'm not exaggerating when I say that every time I show up for a wardrobe fitting, the costume designer loves whatever piece of Victoria's jewelry I'm wearing. (I always have something on as her jewelry is pretty much all I own!) Consequently, I've worn her jewelry in more episodes of television or commercials than I can remember. All of her jewelry is perfect for every day and dressing up, and can be worn in layers or by itself. Can you tell I love it? I get stopped so often by people admiring my jewelry that I've taken to carrying her cards with me so I don't have to continually write down, "Victoria Cunningham Jewelry" over and over again."
Kari Coleman - Actress

"I received so many compliments on my Victoria Cunningham jewelry in both professional and social settings, I started buying pieces as gifts. Now, when friends see the Victoria Cunningham box, they start thanking me before they even see what's inside!"
Suzanne B. - Television Producer

"I only wear Victoria Cunningham jewelry!"
Karen B. - Teacher

"Victoria's jewelry is my addiction!! I was going to say guilty addiction but I don't feel guilty at all!! I feel pretty, oh so pretty. Not to mention I hear more compliments from others when I am wearing VCJ than any thing else I own."
Michelle Campbell - CEO, Blush Cosmetics

"Several years ago I was introduced to Victoria Cunningham's jewelry and it was love at first sight.  I felt like a child in a candy shop surrounded by an array of gorgeous colored gems. That is when I acquired my first one of a kind creation and I just cannot stop!  I admire her ability to intertwine luxurious stones with precious gold and silver allowing each person to create a look that is unique to them may it be classic or multi layered and modern, quite simply timeless. One of the best things about Victoria's jewelry is how I feel when I wear her pieces. They are just for me but I am constantly getting compliments on their beauty and being asked where did I get them. I consider Victoria a true artist."
Marci Brolle


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